ALPHA is honoured to support numerous charities, encouraging our clients to do the same while providing them with direct assistance with planning and events.

Ramona's Reach

Ramona’s Reach began as a dream in the mind of Ramona Reimer, niece to Ray Petkau and wife to James Reimer’s close cousin. Having worked with children in Haiti in 2005, Ramona’s dream was to work at an orphanage somewhere in Africa.

Sadly, she lost her life in 2009 at age 26, after fighting cancer for three and a half years. Her family continued her dream through amazing circumstances and have been building a faith-based orphanage and education center in Pamora, Uganda ever since.


NetStart provides new goalie equipment to minor hockey associations that are in need at the novice level – no strings attached. At Alpha Hockey, we see these players as the future of goaltending and we want them to have fun and to be safe at the same time.

With NetStart we are making this possible. In a given year, we will distribute over 60 sets of goalie equipment to Minor Hockey Associations.

Straightroad Mission

StraightRoad Mission is an organization with a strong desire and passion to help facilitate health and wholeness to each individual in their spirit, soul, and body, especially in counties that are affected by famine, war, and genocide.

Staff travels to third-world countries to provide children and families with nutrition and education, as well as providing start up support for micro business. 100% of money donated to StraightRoad Mission goes directly to helping those in need.

Children's Books

Ari’s Awful Day is a book written for young school children that tackles racism through a story of learned kindness. The book was illustrated and written by Thom Van Dycke, with our client Jermaine Loewen.

Bucky Beats the Blues is a collaboration between Thom Van Dycke, Connor Hellebuyck, and True North Youth Foundation’s Project 11. The book highlights the realities of loss, the journey to healing, and the importance of friendship along the way.

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