Development Plan

Our programs have proven that we can gain the competitive and personal edge that every athlete searches for.

Full-Time Support

We recognize the need for both professional and elite-level athletes to have year-round support, training, guidance, and accountability that focuses on their individual needs.


While change is an inevitable part of an athletic career, we are the constant in our clients’ journey. We walk alongside them, developing a healthy relationship while being there exclusively for them—someone who is solely accountable to you.

Unique Programs

We’re proud to be one of the only agencies that provides continuous support with training and development staff to the degree that we do.

Guidance At Every Step

We’re prepared to support our clients throughout the entirety of their athletic career, going above and beyond the industry norms whenever we can. We represent elite hockey players at all levels of competitive hockey; from junior or college through to minor pro, Europe, and the NHL.


If you want the very best in training, nutrition, support, mentorship, as well as all the intangibles that go into developing a successful and fulfilling career, this is for you.

Adam Francillia Player Development


A goaltender development program that is a first of its kind.

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