At NET360, our commitment is to explore and develop new and exciting strategies to ensure that NET360 trained goaltenders remain among the world’s elite.

Net360 is a goaltender development program that is a first of it’s kind.

It began as the vision of a small group of people, each expert in their specific field of hockey development, that all share a common passion for the game as well as a desire to be a driving force behind the development of goaltenders. Each of these experts combines their talents in an attempt to create the most comprehensive and effective development model for goaltenders worldwide. In today’s game, it’s more important than ever to stay at the forefront of innovation in regards to concepts and techniques. This can only be accomplished in an open and giving environment.

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This “think-tank” is not one of personal agendas but an environment that encourages open-minded learning that fosters excellence.

At Net360, our philosophy is rooted in a communal mindset that includes collaboration between not only coaches but players as well. We respect each player’s ability and encourage them to offer insight to coaches in a genuine two-way relationship. All aspects of the athlete/person are considered in the NET360 program with support offered year-round.

The pinnacle of the NET360 program is a camp held each August in Kelowna, BC.

At this camp, Net360 assembles a world class coaching roster that includes some of the very best goalie and skills coaches from the NHL and elsewhere. Pro, junior, and prospect groups all interact throughout the camp both on and off-ice as well as socially which allows the younger athletes to connect and be mentored by those at the next level.