Hockey Uncomplicated

Alpha Hockey Inc. caters to the individual needs of each player. Here are just a few of the countless services we provide our clients;

Contract Negotiations

With nearly 20 years, and hundreds of successful contract negotiations on the resume, Ray Petkau understands how each contract effects a player’s career. Therefore we take special care and consideration to each client’s long term needs and goals when brokering contracts.

Contract Maintenance

All terms of contracts must be respected. Occasionally circumstances call for us to step in to enforce the terms of a contract, and while we take great care in addressing conflicts amicably in our correspondence with teams, some conflicts require legal action.

Marketing and Endorsements

The ability to effectively market and brand our clients has resulted in numerous and successful endorsement deals with popular brands such as Scotiabank, Bauer, Nike, Vaughn, Reebok, CCM, Lululemon, Visa, Audi, Porsche, Ford, Rogers, Malibu Boats.

Athlete Development Training

At Alpha, we place a tremendous amount of importance on guaranteeing our clients receive the very best training and development in the game. Design and implementation of sports performance and nutrition programs are personally handled by Adam Francilia. We believe strongly in a hands-on approach to development. As a result, we are leaders in the industry.

Tax Planning, Budgets, Currency Conversions and Banking

Alpha Hockey Inc. works with a select few highly respected independent financial advisors. These advisors are tremendously experienced and highly respected within the NHL community. Advisors are individually matched to our players based on the needs and goals of each client.

Draft Selections

NHL and Junior entry drafts are often frustrating and confusing for players and families. We give clarity and direction, as well as timely advice in dealing with scouts in preparation for drafts. While this is an exciting and important moment in a player’s career, we focus on long term career advancement and the draft is only one small step in the journey.

Major Junior vs. College Advising

A major decision for players and parents is which route to take in their journey towards professional hockey. Major Junior and College both can be great options but which option is the right one for you and your long term goals? At Alpha, we have 2 decades of knowledge, experience and contacts in both leagues. Allow us to take the emotion and uncertainty out of this important decision.

Post-Career Planning

When you become a part of Alpha Hockey Inc., you become part of a family. Your life continues after hockey and so does our relationship with you. There is a lot to consider and we’ll be there to help. We will come along side you and your family to help prepare and transition you from one exciting chapter to the next.

Charities and Community Events

ALPHAworks is pleased to support numerous charities, and we encourage and assist our clients to do the same. Many of our clients work with charities that have special meaning to them, and we support and encourage them with direct assistance from our staff in the planning stages as well as at events.


Hockey has experienced a huge surge in statistical advancements in recent years. As an agency, we have been leaders in this field having successfully used analytics in negotiations with NHL teams. We work with numerous “Analytics Experts” for contract negotiations as well as player development.